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In S.H.A.M. Services® we believe in free spirituality.

Tradition teaches us that giving something external to believe gives power, but in exchange of freedom. We believe you’re the only thing you have to believe in. That’s why our work join experience, passion and transparence to give to a small selected public the power to believe in his/her freedom.

No religion, no beliefs, no cultural aspects. Just you and power.

It’s unpopular nowadays believe in spirituality as a human dimension, but we think now mankind is ready to accept and elaborate it’s role in the world. Compassion, responsability, connection to others are values that must come from the inside.

That’s why we choose not to affiliate with any philosophy, or faction, or religion, or culture, and we accept and welcome whatever choice you have made in this area of your life.

If you like our way of seeing things, please help us sharing our full acceptation of world aiming to a free spiritual life for humankind and we shall help you try our work to fully appreciate how this faith in human works, with a 20% discount on all S.H.A.M. Services® activities till 2016!

This is how it works in 4 simple steps.

1) Friend us on our Facebook Page and share it with a personal commentary
2) Follow our blog by clicking the “Follow” button in the top menu
3) Find one of our publication in this blog you really appreciate, like it (the little star below every each publication) and share it on one of your social networks.
4) Write us an email and give us your facebook contact to check you’ve done it right. And that’s it!

We saw how social networks destroyed social life for a lot of people. Help us reverse this destiny and make a better world!

S.H.A.M. Services®
Stop dreaming, start acting!


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