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“Do you believe in Life after Love” keeps singing Cher in bars, clubs and cars driving till the sun. I do. And you? Life is so silly, we can’t take it too serously. And of course if on one hand, this is a pure wisdom pearl that people love receiving from me, on the other […]

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Reborning Weekend in Milan

The most popular weekend choice in Milan. Explore the fashion capital, it’s artistic features,be hosted by good people believing in the tradition of Old Times hospitality and let your stress go away with this amazing weekend solution that mix a complete wellness treatment with a unique spiritual reborning ritual coming from ancestors.

Reborning Wellness Weekend:

+ 3 nights for 2 persons in a modern and radiation free apartment in Milan Center. Silent, near to everything, full of comfort but with no internet or tv. (Internet can be choose as optional if you need so, while tv is not allowed in our Temple of Serenity)

+ 2 Top Class Holistic Massages with 5 different techniques, featuring a Special Drum Power Massage

+ 3 day herbal detox infusion program made especially for you with freshly cultivated or BIO druidic italian herbs  (1 day extra for your travel home)

+ 1 Shamanic Blessing Meditation of Ancestors

+ 1 nice Welcome Gift Box completely free

All this at price of 690 euros (two persons)!

Until September 2015 help us share our dream of a free spiritual life, and receive a 20% discount to the final price (making it 552 euros). See how!

For Info and Booking click here!

S.H.A.M. Services®.
Stop dreaming, start acting!

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In S.H.A.M. Services® we believe in free spirituality.

Tradition teaches us that giving something external to believe gives power, but in exchange of freedom. We believe you’re the only thing you have to believe in. That’s why our work join experience, passion and transparence to give to a small selected public the power to believe in his/her freedom.

No religion, no beliefs, no cultural aspects. Just you and power.

It’s unpopular nowadays believe in spirituality as a human dimension, but we think now mankind is ready to accept and elaborate it’s role in the world. Compassion, responsability, connection to others are values that must come from the inside.

That’s why we choose not to affiliate with any philosophy, or faction, or religion, or culture, and we accept and welcome whatever choice you have made in this area of your life.

If you like our way of seeing things, please help us sharing our full acceptation of world aiming to a free spiritual life for humankind and we shall help you try our work to fully appreciate how this faith in human works, with a 20% discount on all S.H.A.M. Services® activities till 2016!

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We saw how social networks destroyed social life for a lot of people. Help us reverse this destiny and make a better world!

S.H.A.M. Services®
Stop dreaming, start acting!

Benvenuti nel blog di S.H.A.M. Services!

Molti si confondono quando cercano delle prove sul fatto che lo sciamanesimo sia reale o meno.

Come in tutti gli ambiti la realtà è semplice. Lo sciamanesimo funziona quando le persone che lo praticano funzionano.

Nell’ormai quinquennale esperienza di S.H.A.M. Services la percentuale di praticanti sciamanici che effettivamente lavorano con uno sciamanesimo efficace è minore di uno su cento. Triste? Non proprio.

Lo sciamanesimo così come ogni altra attività dell’essere umano deve essere basato sull’evidenza dei risultati. Solo una visione scientifica dello sciamanesimo, l’esclusione dei fattori concomitanti alla produzione degli effetti ricercati, e la metanalisi continua che paragoni i trattamenti sciamanici con altre opzioni sul mercato, possono permettere ad un trattamento sciamanico di essere reale.

S.H.A.M. Services propone ai suoi clienti una profonda e attenta selezione di quell’1% dei praticanti sciamanici che affrontano le pratiche spirituali con la necessaria esperienza e attenzione ai risultati.

La nostra associazione propone una ricca varietà di esperienze sciamaniche.

Prova il potere dei rituali degli antenati ritradotti in chiave moderna, le meditazioni che rendono la persona attiva nel processo di guarigione e benessere, i ritiri spirituali dove ritrovare te stesso (coming soon!) o le vacanze benessere dove sacro e profano si uniscono nel rispetto e nel piacere della natura in tutte le sue declinazioni.

Più informazioni scrivendoci una mail.

Il sogno è realtà.

S.H.A.M. Services

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